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Our Mission: To create a one stop shop marketplace for the everyday pet owner, wildlife enthusiast, and farm animal lover.

In an increasingly automated world, Social AniMall strives to bring you human interaction and connection right here at your fingertips.  

Social AniMall is the new online marketplace for pet and animal supplies and products.  The mall has storefronts for your typical household pet to the wildlife in your backyard and every critter in between.  However, unlike the big boxed stores, every purchase on Social AniMall supports a small business.  

We aim to provide all of the tools necessary to allow our store owners the greatest opportunity for success.  Our mall connects store owners with animal lovers who can’t wait to find the next new innovative toy, healthy treat, or cozy hideaway for their animals.  

We’d love for you to be a part of our growth as we evolve!  Social AniMall started as a dream which we have turned into a reality.  Each day we reach out to our community to learn what else we can do to make this the one stop shop for the animals in your life.  

We have plans to expand to include businesses in the pet and animal service industry.  Services from boarding, veterinarians, and grooming, to horse training and riding lessons.  We hope you join us as we grow.

With lower fees than other marketplaces, upfront pricing, and quick small business support, you really cannot lose. We are ready to respond to your questions and concerns day or night, weekday or weekends. We will be there each step of the way as you build your business into a big success.  So, the question remains, what are you waiting for? Turn your dreams into the reality we know it can be, today.   




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