Meet The Team


The Short:

When the world around us is going a little crazy and we start losing faith in humanity, we just take a look at our pets and know that good still exists.  

The Long: 

Sean and Taylor met in 2014 at the Detroit airport and had one of their first dates at the Nashville Zoo.  Taylor and her sock stealing cockapoo Piper were a package deal and once Sean showed his love for animals she was enamored.  In 2016 Sean proposed, and in return Taylor went to the pound while he was away on a trip and adopted a one year old, high anxiety, sick-as-a-dog mutt named Ziggy as her engagement gift to him.   

Fast forward to 2020 and they were asked to babysit a friend’s naked Eclectus Parrot.  It didn’t take long for all four family members (dogs included) to become smitten with Duke and his quirky and loud personality.  When their friend asked if they’d like to adopt him, they without hesitation said yes and learned everything about becoming parrot parents.  

2020 was undoubtedly a hectic year for us all.  Sean and Taylor were both facing possible furloughs in their industry and saving as much money as possible.  Despite this stress, they still found themselves spending money on what brought them joy-animals.  They adopted their 22 year old parrot, established a small aquarium,  and cared for those that ventured onto their property, whether it was the family of cardinals, the loose dogs who made a home in their woods, or the stray cat that has now been named Emilio.  

While shopping for the animals in their life, Sean and Taylor scoured the web to find toys, personalized gifts, used cages, and homemade treats, and realized there wasn’t a one stop shop for animals as there are for humans.  With that awareness, Social AniMall was born!  Buy, sell, and connect with a site that contains anything you need to care for the animals in your life.  


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