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How To Get Started - Tips and Tricks to becoming a Successful Seller

Figuring It Out

Whether youre selling an inventory of items for exotic birds or just trying to sell the collar your pup has outgrown, doing it through Social AniMall should be EASY and FUN.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help.

Step 1:  Choose to sell as a monthly Store Owner or in the Flea Market

Step 2:  Register your account and upload your products

Step 3:  Sell, Make Money, and Have fun!


Know your inventory! Know exactly what items you or your store (for vendors) have to sell and the quantity of each. This will make listing items on the site, as well as answering customer questions about items in your store, a walk in the park. Please make sure all of your products, especially those that are handmade, are permitted according to Social AniMalls seller policy. Review the policy here.




Show yourself off! (Use of stock photos is prohibited to deter false portrayal of items.) Use a higher quality camera such as a SLR/DSLR  for product photographs, if you have one available to you. If not, many phones these days are equipped with advanced lenses to do the job just as well.

We want customers to see exactly what they’re buying. For larger items and items with numerous parts, try taking multiple pictures from a variety of angles. Doing so will make the buyer more confident when deciding to purchase from your store.

When uploading your photos to your store or to The Social AniMall Flea Market please be aware of the format of the photo. It’s frustrating to upload a picture and not have it load the way you want. Social AniMall will accept uploads that are formatted in .JPEG, .PNG, and .GIF.


Managing Your Store

Tell buyers who you are! The “About Me” section of your storefront is the perfect opportunity to do so. Make it detailed and personable. Allow the buyer to form a connection with you and your products. 


Don’t be offensive. Thoroughly review your product descriptions to ensure accuracy and professionalism. All text and photos associated with your store need to be in line with Social AniMall’s Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech policies. Review those here.


Vendors are prohibited from opening multiple storefronts or coordinating prices with other sellers in an attempt to manipulate sales and/or search results. Proper research of your business venture, consumer tendencies, and your product can have a great impact on profits and traffic to your store.

Social AniMall Policies

Inform yourself! Have you received your welcome letter? It has very helpful information in it including our terms and conditions as well as our policies. By reading through this information thoroughly it will allow you to always make sure your store will remain part of the Social AniMall family.  Review all policies here.


Where's The Hype?!

Sell yourself and stand out from the crowd! Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, etc. are all great platforms to use as personal advertising space for your Social AniMall storefront. Allow buyers who visit your store to stay connected with you by linking your social media accounts to your website. 


Instant Messaging

Talk with your customers. Through Social AniMall you will have the option to communicate directly with buyers via instant messaging. This feature will be very useful to those who offer customizable products. Be sure to not violate Social AniMall policies and maintain professionalism while communicating with buyers.

This feature is also available for those who cannot fulfill a customer's order. Please inform them promptly and issue any necessary refunds.

Resolving Customer Issues

It will be beneficial to do a thorough inspection of your store and products frequently to decrease buyer issues with your store. If an issue with a customer does arise, it is good practice to utilize the instant messaging function to try resolve the issue with the buyer. If a resolution cannot be reached through direct messaging, please adhere to the steps outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Refunds, Returns, and Reviews

In the unfortunate case of a return or a refund, please refer to the Sellers Policy here. In order to be covered under Social AniMalls Seller Protection, your store must be in good standing including accurate store depictions and clearly stated store policies.

When shipping items, to avoid issues, be mindful of stated shipping processes and inform the buyer of any changes. Double check the item is being sent to the address provided by Social AniMall. Triple check! Keep detailed records of transactions and shipping information in case a problem arises. You will have 3 days to address disputes and respond to attempts to contact you concerning such. Help us help you.

Technical Issues and Support

If you encounter a technical problem with your site, the issue may be very simple. Check that your store is within Social AniMall guidelines. Not being in accordance with Social AniMall policies may cause limited availability for your store and perhaps even termination. 

Links to social media not working?  Images arent loading correctly? Referring to applicable sections of this article  may provide useful information pertaining to your technical issue. If you have tried to troubleshoot your problem and still need help, we are more than happy to get right on it. Contact to reach out to us!



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